Photography & Art


I am a photographer completing my Master’s degree in Photography at the University of the Witwatersrand.  I am passionate about image creation and making as much as I can out of my passion for art.

In my first year of studying at Wits University, our photography course required us to photograph whatever we wanted to with our 35mm cameras.  We were each given a roll of black and white film to experiment with and I chose to photograph abstract images of plants.  We were in the fortunate position to develop our images in the university’s darkroom. This project sparked my interested in photography and I then started to look absorbedly at light and composition as important components in image making.

My interests as a photographer include abstract photography, portraiture, documentary photography, fragmented images, lyrical documentary photography and experimenting with film and digital photography. I’m also interested in various literature that focuses on the act of image making and I enjoy doing research and learning about the dynamics between the photographer, sitter and the viewer of the image.